Decorating your Newly Rented Apartment

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Decorating your Newly Rented Apartment

You have finally moved into your apartment and love everything about it. However, now that you are inside your apartment, you are flabbergasted as to what you should do about the decor because there are simply too many rules that must be followed.

Almost all landlords ask you not to do anything to the wall otherwise you have to be the one to pay for the repair. Because of this, there are a number of tenants who think that they have no option when it comes to decor. This however is not true in the least because even though there are rules, there is still a lot that can be done decorating your newly rented apartment.

The pointers given below will give you an idea about what you can do to make the apartment your own.

1.       One of the best ideas that apartment renters are using a lot these days is that of putting up wall decals. There are many different kinds of decals now days and you can use them either on large full walls or small concentrated walls which focus the viewer’s attention in one area. However, if you do decide to use wall decals, you should know that little is a lot here, and so, going overboard with this particular decor may make it look very overwhelming and cheap.

2.       Using leaning mirrors and artwork is a great idea when you are not allowed to put in nails in the wall. Just place a simple console behind a sofa or couch and viola; you have a brilliant leaning decor piece. This idea can be used not only for artwork and mirrors but a lot of other things such as lights etc. Although, when you are using this idea, remember to style in a particular manner so it actually does look like you put it there intentionally.

3.       Another great idea would be to use tall furniture when you are not allowed to puncture walls. So, the next time you head on out to find some new furniture for the apartment, ensure that it is tall and varied in shape and size. One recommended item that you must have in an apartment is a bookshelf that you can fill with books or other decor items. The benefit with using tall furniture like bookshelves is that you wouldn’t need to do anything else as the area would have been covered.

4.       One suggestion that the expert apartment decorators give is to use painter’s tape to create different geometric wallpapers.  You can find this sort of tape in special craft and hardware stores and then decorate them according to your own liking. Select the colours that you like and start creating your very own geometric patterns.

5.       Lastly, if you are an absolute art addict and need to get something on those walls, opt for command hooks. People who have used them say that they are blissful to use and can be quite strong. The great thing about command hooks sis that they use an adhesive which doesn’t damage the wall and so your landlord won’t have any problem.


Therefore, you see, there is no need for you to worry about the decor that you are going to be using in your apartment as there are a bunch of options that you can easily and effortlessly use.

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