Questions You Should Ask Before Signing the Tenancy Agreement

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Questions You Should Ask Before Signing the Tenancy Agreement

If you are a first time renter then you are probably overlooking a few of the necessary details in all of the excitement. Prior to signing the document that is going to bound you to the clauses, you should know exactly what you are agreeing to. This is why, it is strongly recommended that you first carefully read and review the lease agreement that you are signing. Apart from reading, there are questions you should ask before signing the tenancy agreement (Lease).

Lease Questions

The first and most crucial set of questions that you need to ask is that of the lease. These questions will make several aspects of the lease clear to you.

I.            The most important lease question is to ask the landlord exactly how long your lease is.

II.            Also, what  are your renewal options once the lease expires? For instance, while many landlords renew the lease for a year, some might make it month to month.

III.            Also, ask the landlord when the lease can be broken and what is the required fees that has to be paid if this ever comes to pass?

IV.            Another important question would be to ask if roommates are allowed in the apartment or property. If you are allowed, then what is the policy for adding someone new to the existing agreement?

Maintenance Questions

The biggest responsibility that your landlord has towards you is that of repairs and maintenance. This is why you need to know when you can freely ask the landlord to come in and repair things for you. Given below are some of the questions that you will want to ask your landlord in regards to repairs and fixes.

I.            Ask him how it will be possible for you to contact him both in case non-urgent and urgent issues.

II.            You can also ask him the kind of cosmetic changes that you can bring to the apartment or property.

III.        If you have rented a house which has a lawn or garden area, ask the landlord who will be taking care of the maintenance.

Payment Questions

Another set of important questions that you need to ask the landlord is that of the payment options that you have. Some of these are mentioned below

I.        Different states or landlords have their own set of rules when it comes to the advance payment that is required when you move in. This is why, you need to ask him how much the advance to be paid is and if you are required to pay it before you move in.

II.            Ask him what the exact security deposit is and how it is to be paid

III.            Depending on your landlord, you will either be required to pay your rent at the end of every month of 15days later etc and so you have to clarify the date when the rent is due.

IV.            Ask him if he needs the rent to be paid by check, credit/debit card or cash

V.            Ask if the rent can be paid individually when tenants are sharing a particular apartment

Other important questions

I.            Are pets allowed inside the building?

II.            Does the rental price include the utilities or do they need to be paid separately?

III.            Is smoking inside the apartment allowed?

IV.            Does the property have proper gas, heating, air conditioning etc?

V.            Are guests allowed to stay overnight?


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